Fun for couples!

Getting to know your partner better has never been this much fun! Answer questions about yourself and guess your partner's answers and see who knows best...

Get to know your partner better

Guess your partner's answers to each question and see what he/she actually answered. Not only will this let you know how well you think you know your partner - but you'll actually also get to know him/her A LOT better.

I never thought I could get to know so much more about my boyfriend - and he learned a few things as well :D

Heather Alexander San Francisco, US

Get to know yourself

Each question will make you think about what you really want and who you really are. Not everything is a given and sometimes you'll be surprised!

My wife and I can't enough of this. We've almost been through all the packs by now and we can't wait for more to come!!!

@GeraldChavez Bristol, UK

The ultimate cheat sheet

Once a pack is done, all answers and guesses are available on the pack history. This means that all of your partner's preferences, wants, needs, favorites etc. is stored directly on your phone for when you need it!

Fantastic app! I love that I can always go back and see what he answered. I used the date pack history to set up a great date night that I knew he'd love ;)

Kelly Ryan London, UK